LGU-GenSan Conducts Internal Quality Audit


The LGU-GenSan successfully concluded its very first Internal Quality Audit with 35 offices have been audited from January 17 until February 20, 2022 through the Internal Quality Auditors (IQAs). The Internal Quality Audit is in line with the implementation of QMS certifiable to 9001:2015 and this aims to assess each departmentโ€™s efficiency measured by the level of its quality and risk management systems and its overall practices against ISO standards and statutory and regulatory requirements.ย 

The conduct of an Internal Quality Audit is set to evaluate and improve the efficiency of the departmentโ€™s practices capabilities by highlighting any existing flaws or shortcomings and ensuring plans are in place to properly address them. 

Highlighting best practices as well as emphasizing the Non-conformance (NC) and Potential Non-conformance (PNC), Audit Reports (ARs) and Corrective Action Reports (CARs) are prepared by the IQAs to amplify these concerns or practices and elevate them to the Management Committee for decision making or any other appropriate actions. These ARs and CARs will also serve as reference materials for departments’ operations review and strategic planning to improve the office’s processes and to provide quality service to its respective customers.

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