Waste Management Office (WMO) is a chartered department of the City Government of General Santos by virtue of Ordinance No. 13 approved on November 12, 2012.  The current mandate and personnel complement is a reflection of its latest amendment, Ordinance No. 77 of December 27, 2018. 

General Santos City




Ordinance No. 77, series of 2018, Section 3, par. a

  • Implement and manage the systematic, efficient, integrated and sustainable City Solid Waste Management program, projects and initiatives;

  • Strategically integrate and coordinate solid waste management with major pertinent programs of the LGU, NGAs and the private sector;

  • Monitor, evaluate and enforce laws and ordinances pertaining to waste management and other related projects and initiatives;

  • Formulate and develop policies and plans for the consideration of the Sustainable Waste Management Board;

  • Consistently evaluate and continuously improve the Waste Management Program of the City Government.


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